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Mercy for the in-between – a sermon on Ferguson and Thanksgiving

Author’s note: I don’t usually post my sermons on this blog, mostly because I don’t write anything down when I preach, but if you are interested in what an inner-city pastor preaches on Thanksgiving (with Ferguson in the headlines) then … Continue reading

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Hymns for a difficult church: retrospective on Millennials & Church

I have a confession to make… There are certain hymns that I just can’t stand. ┬áThese aren’t complicated, hard to sing hymns either. No, I mean that there are classic hymns whose lyrics drive me crazy. Why is my ire … Continue reading

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5 Reasons why inner-city ministry is awesome

“That Church is so beautiful. If only it wasn’t in that neighborhood…” Someone says that comment to me on a regular basis these days. You see, I’m pastor of church in the inner-city. My Church is a beautiful cathedral of … Continue reading

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Embracing the wilderness

I am going to dance for joy when everyone stops panicking and mourning over the death of Christendom. Not because I think Christendom was some great evil that needed to be killed as fast as possible (actually, I think there … Continue reading

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The Lutheran difference

I was at a conference recently and during a sermon the preacher started talking about how all the different denominations have something to give. He said something like “I want the pageantry of the Catholic Church, the theology of the … Continue reading

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I recently saw the new Superman movie “Man of Steel.” It was a fine enough movie that entertained me. Good action, good special effects, and enough of a story line to keep me interested. However, a couple days later I … Continue reading

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