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Christmas and the Holy Family

Christmas is a time, whether or not one goes to church, that is associated with family.  During this time every year, people make plans with, travel to see, send gifts and presents to, and celebrate with family.  It is hard … Continue reading

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Gratitude Sunday

This week’s lectionary text has to be one of my favorite texts in the whole Bible.  Since the time I was a child, it has spoke to me, moved me.  It’s quite a simple story, and I always feel as … Continue reading

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I recently saw the new Superman movie “Man of Steel.” It was a fine enough movie that entertained me. Good action, good special effects, and enough of a story line to keep me interested. However, a couple days later I … Continue reading

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We Believe…

I have been accused of never giving simple yes or no answers. Usually this accusation pops up when someone asks me “do you believe in X?” I will respond with an answer about what the church has said about the … Continue reading

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The God Who Became Disabled

Having spent the last nine months as a live-in assistant in a L’Arche community (, I have come to read the scriptures and hear the readings a bit differently.  There are many examples of how God is changing my encounter with scripture while I … Continue reading

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Postmodern Jesus: Truth in a Relational Age

So… there is a group of people that I regularly meet with and at this group a common complaint is “everything is relative” and “no one believes the truth anymore…” Let’s get one thing out in the open: the Modern … Continue reading

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Justice and Grace in the ELCA

Welcome to the Fire Escape everyone. I’m David and we named this place after the fire escape outside my back window where Mike and I would have many a discussion. The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for those who … Continue reading

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