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Blogging Through Barth: Interlude

Did you miss part 1? Check it out here —————- Before we get back to The Epistle to the Romans, I was reflecting on what that great philosopher Pete Townshend, from that great philosophical group The Who, asked in the … Continue reading

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Theology 101: How to Begin to Be a Theologian

Theology seems like such a hard topic to enter into. Even if you are interested in a deeper knowledge of God, where do you even begin? It seems like a nearly impossible task to just jump into studying God when … Continue reading

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A Good Time for Hope

Yesterday, at church, we brought in seven college students, four of whom were not Christian and who were not attending religious services of any kind at the moment.  I suppose that I wasn’t the only one who wondered what might happen at this … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Abundant Life

This past week, I went to a theological forum near Hartford, CT.  There was a presentation on Bonhoeffer’s profound theological thought.  The presentation was spectacular and made many relevant connections with the various worldwide crises that we face today, and … Continue reading

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The Vindication and Indictment of Pelagius

I don’t know that I should admit to this, but I will anyway. For the past month or so, I have been trying to work on a vindication of Pelagius, who is probably most famous for getting lambasted by the … Continue reading

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The God Who Became Disabled

Having spent the last nine months as a live-in assistant in a L’Arche community (, I have come to read the scriptures and hear the readings a bit differently.  There are many examples of how God is changing my encounter with scripture while I … Continue reading

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Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 – Sacramental Living

Hello, my name is Mike Hanck, and I am a fourth-year seminarian.  I should also add that, although my seminary has a four-year program for MDiv Students, I still have two more years until I will complete my degree.  The … Continue reading

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