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Christmas and the Holy Family

Christmas is a time, whether or not one goes to church, that is associated with family.  During this time every year, people make plans with, travel to see, send gifts and presents to, and celebrate with family.  It is hard … Continue reading

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Pastrix – 2 Quotes

Two Quotes Once, a seminary student asked to shadow me for two days to see what my life as a pastor was like. At the end, he said, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re basically a person for a living.’ (pp. 202-203) … Continue reading

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The Embarrassment of Religion on Social Media

There are a lot of great things about Social Media.  I can see pictures of my cousins’ children before I am able to meet them.  I can celebrate with friends who have just experienced some joy in life, and I … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Tables – The Thanksgiving Table and The Lord’s Table

In popular American folklore, the first Thanksgiving took place at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621.  We learn about the pilgrims with their funny hats and their previous sufferings.  We learn about Squanto, a Native American who was aligned with the Wampanoag … Continue reading

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A Good Time for Hope

Yesterday, at church, we brought in seven college students, four of whom were not Christian and who were not attending religious services of any kind at the moment.  I suppose that I wasn’t the only one who wondered what might happen at this … Continue reading

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God Loves People – Inside and Outside of the Church – And You Can Too!

I’ve been spending some time walking around and talking to various people around the seacoast area.  My favorite moments are plopping down at a counter or at a bar and chatting up someone new.  I really do learn a lot.  … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Abundant Life

This past week, I went to a theological forum near Hartford, CT.  There was a presentation on Bonhoeffer’s profound theological thought.  The presentation was spectacular and made many relevant connections with the various worldwide crises that we face today, and … Continue reading

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